Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Yesterday was a disappointing day for me. Perhaps I am naive, but I just cannot wrap my head around the ability of a person to repeatedly look another human being in the face & lie. It isn't that I didn't see it coming. I did. It isn't that I was going to vote for her. I was undecided. I have problems embracing her opponent. I can't vote for him either.

She had to know she would get caught. Is she that driven to become president that she had to lie about something that she knew would be found out & made public? There are so many things wrong with this, I can't even… Why does she think she is above the rules other human beings must follow? What else has she so convincingly lied about? Does she truly care about education or anything else she claims? Who the heck knows?

Her character is her problem. I believe she will say whatever she needs to say to accomplish her lifelong goal. And… we must ask? What about her judgement? Her judgement about her private emails, her judgment about thinking she is above the law, her judgement about lying when she knew she'd eventually have to face the consequences of her lies. Her judgement to send classified information through private emails is clearly beyond poor. I'm not the smartest fish in the sea, but I believe even I would have known better.

She put our beautiful country at risk so many times in so many ways on so many levels. Poor judgement. Selfish. Uncaring. Neglectful. Stupid. I am sure my list is incomplete. I have always wondered if her agenda was for her country or  herself. Yesterday, that question was answered once & for all, & my suspicions were confirmed.

The next problem occurs because our current president is not only endorsing her, he is campaigning with her & for her. How does he sleep at night? He is no better than she is if he endorses her dishonesty & poor judgement.  Is he so personally disgusted with the attacks of her opponent on himself that he can't see beyond that? He is condoning her blatant lies. He is condoning her bad judgement. He is condoning someone who knowingly put our country at risk. What is wrong with him?

Lastly, why does she walk away from this with no penalty? Others in government have rotted in prison for lesser crimes. Yet, she walks away unscathed & continues campaigning that very day. Her character is not unscathed, but many seem to be capable of overlooking that. So what are they voting for? Nobody really knows who she is. Just a bag of lies who will do anything to promote herself. Should someone who puts herself above all others & the laws of the land hold the highest office of the land?

Our country is in a fix! We have 2 candidates with severe character issues. The highest office of the land demands honesty, authenticity, self sacrifice, good judgement, self discipline, humility, someone who doesn't play games with peoples' minds, & an earnest compassion for all people.  We need someone who can & will protect the land that we love. As terrorism reaches an all time high in our country, we have no candidate with Godly character & a sound mind. Pray tell, what are we going to do?